piteå-en - Explorelulea



Piteå is a small town located on the east coast of Swedish Lapland. The city accounts for about half of the summer tourism in Norrbotten County. In the center of town are the two malls called Småstaden and Gallerian, which together with the rest of the city offer a large selection of shops, restaurants and cafes. You can also visit the art gallery, museum, exhibitions and walk in the parks.

If you move outside the city center towards one of the smaller villages, you will find many nice excursion destinations. In Jävre there is Kvarncafé, Bea’s smokehouse and harbor café and the fishing camp with sea-grown fish and a guaranteed catch. North of Piteå is Alterheden’s rhubarb, which both manufactures and sells products filled with rhubarb flavors, which you can buy in their farm shop. They also offer Piteå’s “national dish” Pitepalt and bake Gáhkku, a Sami flatbread, together with guests. At Svedjekojan huskey farm, which is also located north of Piteå, you can visit the kennel or have a coffee during the summer. In winter, you can also book a wonderful trip with a dog sled.

There are also many outdoor and nature areas to experience. You can visit the beautiful archipelago which consists of 550 islands. Sweden’s warmest water temperatures are sometimes measured here. During the winter, the water provides great plains for skiing and snowmobiling. You can also experience Piteå’s nature by hiking along the 220 km long Solanderleden. In summer you can take a trip up to the Kalahatten and enjoy a view beyond the ordinary while eating a crispy waffle.

At Piteå havsbad there is both a hotel and camping. In the summer you can swim in the sea by the shallow beach. In the winter or on rainy days, you can instead have fun indoors in the adventure pool, relax at the spa or try one of their activities such as paintball and bowling.