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Jokkmokk is a central town in the country’s most alpine municipality, Jokkmokk. Jokkmokk municipality is home to one of the earth’s world heritage sites: Laponia. In Laponia there are four large national reserves called Sarek, Padjelanta, Stora sjöfallet and Muddus. Laponia was designated a World Heritage Site due to the Sami history that stretches back centuries in the area and the captivating nature. The land is of great importance to the Sami. Today, Padjelanta is home to three Sami villages.

The town of Jokkmokk is also a very important place for Sami. The first Thursday in February, Jokkmokk’s market is arranged, which it has done annually for over 400 years. The event usually attracts between 40,000 and 50,000 people during the three days. The market is a gathering place for Sami from all over Sápmi and is considered by many to be one of the central points in Sami culture. The event offers a folk festival where you get to experience world-class Sami art, culture and crafts.

If you are curious about Sapmi and the Sami culture, you can visit Ájtte – Swedish mountain and Sami museum located in the middle of Jokkmokk. You can also visit Silba Siida, where you get the chance to experience traditional food, spirituality, history and much more. The company is owned by a young Sami couple who live a domestic lifestyle with reindeer husbandry in focus.

Other activities that can be experienced are skiing, dog sledding, rafting, canoeing, snowmobile safaris and slalom skiing.