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Arjeplog is a small town in the western part of Swedish Lapland. It is known for being a popular place for the Asian and European car industries to test drive their cars during the winter. As a private person, you have the opportunity to try drifting on the ice and book lessons.

Arjeplog is also known for its nature and the many watercourses that exist in the municipality. Among the 8727 lakes in Arjeplog is Sweden’s deepest lake Hornavan. In Hornavan there is an archipelago close to the mountains that you can experience on a guided tour on a raft. The water is clean and drinkable in all lakes. If you like fishing, Arjeplog is a given destination with its many fishing lakes.

In the town of Arjeplog you will find the silver museum which portrays the town’s history from prehistoric times to the present. In the various exhibitions, the story of the Sami and the settlers’ lives is portrayed. For example, in one of the rooms the world’s largest collections of Sami silver objects is displayed.

Here you can experience activities such as mountain biking, fishing, hiking, slalom skiing in Galtis and guided tours with dog sleds and snowmobiles.