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Abisko is a small village in Sweden’s northmost municipality, Kiruna. The name Abisko originates from the North Sapmi Ábeskovvu which roughly translates to “The forest by the great water”. This refers to the town’s proximity to Scandinavia’s largest mountain lake, Torneträsk, which is more than 70 kilometers long.

Abisko offers lots of great nature experiences. Kungsleden is a 450-kilometer-long hiking trail that stretches through the mountains of Swedish Lapland. The first 15 km of the hiking trail is located in Abisko National Reserve. The National Reserve is about 7,700 hectares and its beautiful wide views attract about 50,000 visitors a year. One of the attractions in the National Reserve is the peaks Tjuonatjåkka and Nissuntjårro which form the famous Lapporten. Lapporten, which is seen as a symbol of the entrance to the mountain world, is one of Sweden’s most depicted mountain motifs. Abisko National Reserve is also a fantastic place to experience the natural phenomena midnight sun and northern lights.

Abisko is one of the world’s best places to see the northern lights due to its optimal conditions. The climate allows for many cloudless and starry nights, perfect for seeing the magical northern lights. On the mountain Nuolja in Abisko National Park you can visit Aurora Sky Station, whose main purpose is to offer a good place to see the northern lights. You get up to the mountain station via a ropeway and once up you will find a lookout tower and a large outdoor terrace where you can see the northern lights and at the same time get an exceptional view of Lapporten, the entire Abisko valley and Torneträsk. Indoors there is a café and a small souvenir shop. There are several different guided tours where you get the chance to experience the northern lights, including one with a professional northern lights photographer.

There are lots of guided experiences to book, everything from moose safaris to ice climbing and snowmobiling. A bit outside of Abisko you can hike to Trollsjön, which is Sweden’s clearest lake. The lake’s Sapmi name, Rissájávri, roughly translates to “the lake that gleam like fire”. You can also book a wood sauna at Torneträsk, summer as well as winter.