Running dog sledding - Explorelulea

Running dog sledding

Running dog sledding

Experience Luleå with us today!

For you who want to learn to stand behind the sled and drive the dog team!

SEK 1900/person

Group size:
Min: 2 pers Max : 8 pers

The activity starts at 09.00 or 14:00. The whole activity takes between 1.5 – 2.5 hours.

The tour includes:

The price includes guide, 2 people per sled, husky team and coffee in the barbecue hut.


If needed, there are extra clothes and shoes to rent.

Dog sledding

Explore Luleå dogsled


Underline closest to the body, preferably of wool. But synthetics also work well.

Layer upon layer provides good thermal insulation and you can easily adjust the upholstery.

Down clothes warm very well in many degrees below zero.

Ventilate more and do not rely on the shell jacket to breathe through the fabric in the cold.

Choose shoes with thick soles and make sure they dry properly between uses.

Wear thin gloves in the thumb gloves so that the skin on the hands is not completely bare if you need to take off the thick gloves to fiddle with something.

Wear a hat, but take off your hat and gloves when you need to cool off.

This dog sledding tour is suitable for you who for the first time want to try dog sledding and learn how to ride.
It is like "Fikaturen" but you will be able to drive the team yourself. It takes you on a very pleasant trip through the forest and meadows.
As soon as you leave with the team, the dogs become silent and you feel the power of all strong dogs.
You will get to start the activity in the nice barbecue hut where you get an overview of the tour and adjust your clothes.
If needed, there are extra clothes and shoes to rent.
You get a safety briefing and then you go out to harness the dogs and connect them in the team.
It is really cozy and it is great to take pictures from the sleigh.
The dog sledding tour then ends in the barbecue hut where you can have coffee.
If you are two people, you share half the time involved in driving.

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