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Explore Luleå

Welcome to experience activities in Luleå!

Explore Luleå in Swedish Lapland

Luleå is the coastal city of Swedish Lapland that gives you both a really nice winter landscape but also an archipelago with the feeling of long white expanses in winter and bright 24/7 in summer thanks to the midnight sun.

Swedish Lapland

Our passion for Luleå is the nearby varied nature and it´s simplicity to do activities outdoors.


We have activities in Luleå for everyone. Visitor, bachelorette party for the family and the company.

Travel package

Explore Luleå by staying at our finest lodge and doing our best activities.

Luleå Basecamp

With our tipi tent, you create a wonderful, genuine atmosphere. We arrange food and activities in connection with the event.

Most popular activities

Snowmobile tour

Suitable for you who want to try driving a snowmobile but also want to experience forest and ice.


This dog sledding tour is suitable for you who want to try dog sledding for the first time. It takes you on a very pleasant trip through the forest and meadows.


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