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Day trip with sea kayak

Day trip with sea kayak

Join a paddle trip with a sea kayak in the Luleå archipelago!

Kayaking here is a great way to feel the proximity to the water, nature and tranquility.

SEK895/person (for the times in the calendar)

Own booking SEK 1295 / person.
Explore Luleå will arrange tours with fixed times and places throughout the summer. See our calendar. If you want to book your own private tour, you can contact us and we will help you.


4 hours, departures according to our calendar.

Gathering place:

All kayak equipment is included.

The tour includes:

Guide, kayak equipment and lunch.

Packing list - this you need to take with you on the trip:

Preferably swimming shorts or other quick-drying shorts / leisure trousers.

Tracksuit or an undergarment that is also quick-drying.

Windbreaker / rain jacketDry, warm change (Can be packed in a waterproof bag that you can borrow) Shoes: Sandals, wet shoes or flip-flops.


Sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap depending on how sensitive you are to the sun.

Snacks, it’s good with a little extra energy.

Camera, it’s good if you have your own waterproof bag for it.

If you do not have the necessary equipment, you can contact us if it is available for rent.


Join a paddle trip with a sea kayak in the Luleå archipelago! With its 1312 islands we have a very beautiful and varied archipelago. Kayaking here is a great way to feel the proximity to the water, nature and tranquility. The archipelago offers many attractions with, for example, its bird life and beautiful islands with barbecue areas, cottages and saunas.
But also the large icebreakers located in the harbor. The icebreakers run actively in the winter to enable our merchant ships to use the ports all year round. In Luleå we see our three largest icebreakers, Atle, Frej and Oden lying next to the quayside and in the kayak you feel quite small when you approach. This is often one of our places we visit during a paddle excursion.

When we then paddle on, there are several nice places to choose from to get ashore and enjoy a coffee or a real meal. The great thing about the kayaks is that they hold a lot, so we bring what we need to have it as good as possible. If you want, you can of course join in and make the fire and prepare the food we are going to cook. Or just heat the coffee over the fire. A typical meal can consist of stir-fried vegetables with chicken and coconut milk. Or maybe a pasta salad with chicken. Regardless of the meal, it is well-proven and organic.

Something that is very special about our nature up here in the north, is the midnight sun. Most of June and July and a bit into August it is completely bright around the clock. In order for the sun not to set at all, you have to go north of the Arctic Circle, but in Luleå we can experience the light around the clock anyway. In the shortest time, the sun is down 52 minutes. This means that we get very nice light conditions at different times of the day and in the kayak it is a fantastic experience to see this.

It's totally okay to kayak at night too!

We offer you a kayak trip in the Luleå archipelago starting from central Luleå. Quite quickly it feels like leaving the city behind and we are in the middle of the beautiful archipelago nature. But we can also decide on another location if you want to see a special part of the archipelago. We guides love nature and to share it with you!