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About us

Our knowledgeable guides know most of everything!


Our guides offer everything from climbing courses to tips on how to pimp up a perch. We collaborate with some of the best activity companies in Luleå. What we have in common is the love of the place: Luleå and Swedish Lapland. In northern Sweden, there is plenty of space for activities of a more or less pulse-raising element - in wonderful nature.

Pontus Frank

About me

I have been working with outdoor activities since 2008.
It's something I'm passionate about and will always do! I like climbing, kayaking, events and various team activities, such as the one we call "The Challenge".
In 2011 I trained as a mountain and adventure leader in the valleys' fantastic town Älvdalen. I did this to broaden my business.

I am a rock climbing instructor and hold regular climbing courses.
When I do not do it, I plan and carry out assignments with Explore Luleå for our fine tourists and locals.

Love took me up to Luleå and now I live here. It is a fantastic city that offers really nice winters with a lot of snow island and summers with a lot of light (midnight sun), fun activities and nice people. My vision for the future is to continue working with and developing tourism through the company Explore Luleå. The unique thing we have in Luleå and Swedish Lapland is the cozy, genuine and the fantastic proximity to beautiful nature.