Spark tour in Luleå - Explorelulea

Spark tour in Luleå

3 hour, day trip with coffee

Spark on the ice around central Luleå.

Experience the feeling of gliding over sparkling snow and ice at a leisurely pace. Halfway through the trip we take a break to eat something and maybe a little ice fishing depending on the chosen trip.

Season: January 1 - March 31

SEK 1095/person

Group size:

At least two.


3 hours or according to your wishes.


See the weekly schedule or send a request for a private tour. Kick tour for three hours on the ice around central Luleå.


The weather conditions in Luleå are beyond our control and should a trip be canceled due to bad weather conditions, we offer our customers a supplementary trip the following day.

Reservation is necessary.

Warm clothes are available for rent.

We recommend that you bring:

Warm clothing

Warm gloves, hat and shoes


The tour includes:


Coffee or lunch over Muurikka and ice fishing depending on the chosen trip.

Necessary equipment and introduction with instructions.

About the "spark":

Since the middle of the 19th century, the fire has been used as a means of transport in the villages. It is a kind of sled that you get on both on ice and snow in a smooth way. It helps one to keep the balance well and is easy to swing with.

The kick has been used mainly in the north and it is not uncommon for us to still see the people in the villages take their children to school on the kick. Or as a means of transport to the store.

It makes it easier for us who like to be out in nature by taking longer distances for a shorter time and it is easy to pack coffee with. During the coffee break, it’s perfect to sit down on it and enjoy the good!