Multisport week winter - Explorelulea

Multisport week winter

Multisport week winter

Experience Luleå with us today!

During the winter, Explore Luleå arranges a few weeks of multisport. Then we carry out snowmobile rides, ice skating and kicking tours with wilderness knowledge, dog sledding and cycling with fat bike and ice fishing. These are activities we love and you will do too!

Kontakta oss för att boka:

4 activity days + travel days. Look in the calendar for the dates that apply to the multisport week.


We are responsible for all equipment required for the activities. You need to have custom clothing. More info about it further down.


All food and coffee needed during the activity days are included (Breakfast, lunch, dinner and extra coffee). See at the bottom what meals will be served.


You will stay in cozy cabins at First Camp Luleå, a very nice campsite. Accommodation during the four nights that multisport week is included in the price.

You are responsible for:

Flights to and from Luleå Airport. Book a flight or other transport no later than the day before, the time you choose. Let us know what time you have booked and we will pick you up.

Accommodation in addition to the 4 nights that the multisport week is.

Alcohol (You can buy alcohol if you want it in the evening but if you get too drunk or hungover, we can make the assessment that you can not follow the day’s activity so moderation is recommended).

Transfers that do not belong to the multisport week’s schedule are not included. But can be arranged for a supplement.

Clothes needed for the activity.


All transfers to and from the campsite and activities are included.


We guides who work with multisport week are experienced and trained.


Explore Luleå has both a travel insurance (travel guarantee) and a liability insurance. You should take out accident insurance if you do not have it.


Average. You put as much energy and challenge as suits you in each activity. But you should be able to be physically active for 4 days.

Day of arrival:

If you choose to come several days before, it is perfectly okay, but then you need to book your own accommodation. A transfer between the airport and the campsite is included. Most people choose to come the day before and then we pick you up at the airport, greet you and give you evening coffee and a breakfast package. It is therefore a requirement that you arrive no later than the day before. If you need dinner that day, you can order it in the booking.


We reserve the right to change days for each activity depending on the weather and other factors. If there is an activity that someone in your party does not want to do, he or she can choose to do something else that day or follow along and see the activity if it suits them. Then the guest himself bears additional costs in connection with it.

Information about the days

We will pick you up at the campsite in the morning 09.00. We drive out to Måttsund (About 10 min) where the scooters are parked. There you will get a safety review and instructions on how the snowmobiles work. From there we go directly out on the ice and out into the Luleå archipelago.

Map Måttsund - starting point.

The Luleå archipelago has many nice areas to visit with the snowmobile. There are many suitable picnic areas, nice cottages, lighthouses and long white expanses of snow and ice. Hopefully we will see locals who are out fishing as well. We will see how far out in the archipelago we can get, it depends on the ice conditions. If the ice conditions are too bad, we go into the forest and follow snowmobile trails near Måttsund. At suitable places we take coffee breaks and we of course choose a nice place when we cook lunch over the open fire.
We eat dinner together at the campsite. We are back at the campsite between 17.00-18.00.

In the evening you can choose to book the newly renovated wood-fired sauna down by the river.

We will pick you up at the campsite at 10.00. We drive into Luleå center and there we go up to the store Hägglunds and try on shoes and skates. Then we go down to the ice and start skating!

You will get a lesson on how to ride long-distance skates. For those of you who can already ride ordinary skates, it is no wonder, for you it is just to go on. You get access to rods for balance and if you find it really difficult, you can change to fired on the spot.

The ice road in Luleå is maintained every day as it is open for the season and it is fantastic to go on for us. You follow a road of ice between the north and south harbor which is about 3.7 km long. In total, the ice rink is about 9 km.

Here is a map of the ice rink.

On the way there are benches to rest on and we stop at suitable places to have coffee and cook our lunch over an open fire. You are of course involved in making a fire, preparing the food, etc.

For those who want to try kicks, you can take off your skates and wear the same shoes and put on spikes that give you a better grip on the ice. Then just kick it. We make this change about halfway. We make sure that the kicks are in place for the change.

During the day we will also teach wilderness tips when we come to suitable situations. We are expected to be back at the campsite between 15-16. Then we have dinner together and then you can do whatever you want in the evening. You can choose to book the newly renovated wood-fired sauna down by the river.

Since the middle of the 19th century, the fire has been used as a means of transport in the villages. It is a kind of sled that you get on both ice and snow in a smooth way. It helps one to keep the balance well and is easy to swing with. It is still used a lot today in the villages to transport the children to school.

Vi hämtar er på campingen 09.30. Därifrån kör vi till hundspannet som ligger cirka 40 minuter från campingen.

Det här är en garanterat fantastisk upplevelse på sitt egna vis! Ni kommer att vara nära hundarna och ni får köra ert egna hundspann med dina kompisar i släden. Ni skiftar om vem som kör släden. Det är helt enastående att se hundarna från ena sekunden stå och skälla för att de är så ivriga på att komma iväg till att andra sekunden vara helt tysta och bara dra, dra och dra släden. Man märker snabbt hur de älskar sitt jobb. Ni får lära er hur hundspannet fungerar och hur de som har hand om hundarna lever sina liv med hundarna.

Hundspannsturen är på cirka 2 timmar och inkluderar fika och guide. Hela aktiviteten tar mellan cirka 4 timmar. De har extra varma skor och kläder på plats om det skulle behövas.

Efter hundspannsturen åker vi till Gammelstadens kyrkby som är med på världsarvslistan och är ett måste att se när ni är här i Luleå. Ni får besöka kyrkan om den är ledig och öppen och ni får besöka en privat stuga som guiden Pontus svärföräldrar äger. Ni får en guidad visning av kyrkbyn och vi tar såklart en fika i kyrkstugan.

Sedan åker vi tillbaka till campingen och lagar middagen ihop. Vi beräknas vara där mellan 17.00 – 18.00. På kvällen kan ni välja att boka den nyrenoverade vedeldade bastun nere vid älven.

We will pick you up at the campsite 09.30. From there we drive to Luleå center and try out the bikes. The cool thing about fatbike is that it is very easy to cycle with them on packed snow or walkways with snow surfaces. Today's barrel bike ride goes through the center where you get a tour of Luleå center and then go out on the ice and cycle along the entire ice rink of about 7km. We have coffee and lunch on the ice.

When we feel that we have finished cycling, one of the guides picks up the ice fishing equipment and we drill a hole in the middle of the ice and sit down and fish for a while. The time we are out fishing depends on how cold it is that day. A bit outside Södra hamn, there are good conditions for getting fish!

See the map here.

When we are happy with cycling and ice fishing, we go back to the campsite to cook dinner. After dinner we thank you for this week and you get free time.

You can choose which day you want to travel from Luleå. Either you do it on activity day 4 and then sometime after 17.00 from Luleå Airport. Or you stay over until the next day and travel home then. It can be nice to take it easy and have the afternoon off on activity day 4 and travel home the next day. If you want to stay longer or continue your journey in Norrbotten or the rest of Sweden, it is of course also fine. You decide for yourself!

Tips on clothes and other things you need for the activities

We arrange extra warm outerwear for all activities if needed, but you should have your own underwear made of wool, thick wool socks, comfortable leisure trousers, thin warm fleece sweater, thick warm fleece sweater, winter jacket preferably with down, hat and gloves. The gloves can be both thumb gloves and finger gloves. If any of this is difficult for you to find, let us know when booking and we will help you.

Shoes: If you have your own winter boots, it’s good, otherwise you can rent it from us for SEK 400 for all four days.

NOTE. You will receive a more detailed packing list when booking.