Multisport week summer - Explorelulea

Multisport week summer

Multisport week summer

Experience Luleå with us today!

During the summer, Explore Luleå arranges a few weeks of multisport. Then we carry out climbing, kayaking with sea kayaking, rafting and cycling with a fat bike. These are activities we love and you will do too!

Kontakta oss för att boka:

4 activity days + travel days. Look in the calendar for the dates that apply to the multisport week.


We are responsible for all equipment required for the activities. You need to have custom clothing. More info about it further down.


All food and coffee needed during the activity days are included (Breakfast, lunch, dinner and extra coffee). See at the bottom what meals will be served.


You will stay in cozy cabins at First Camp Luleå, a very nice campsite. Accommodation during the four nights that multisport week is included in the price.

You are responsible for:

Flights to and from Luleå Airport. Book a flight or other transport no later than the day before, the time you choose. Let us know what time you have booked and we will pick you up.

Accommodation in addition to the 4 nights that the multisport week is.

Alcohol (You can buy alcohol if you want it in the evening but if you get too drunk or hungover, we can make the assessment that you can not follow the day’s activity so moderation is recommended).

Transfers that do not belong to the multisport week’s schedule are not included. But can be arranged for a supplement.

Clothes needed for the activity.


All transfers to and from the campsite and activities are included.


We guides who work with multisport week are experienced and trained.


Explore Luleå has both a travel insurance (travel guarantee) and a liability insurance. You should take out accident insurance if you do not have it.


Average. You put as much energy and challenge as suits you in each activity. But you should be able to be physically active for 4 days.

Day of arrival:

If you choose to come several days before, it is perfectly okay, but then you need to book your own accommodation. A transfer between the airport and the campsite is included. Most people choose to come the day before and then we pick you up at the airport, greet you and give you evening coffee and a breakfast package. It is therefore a requirement that you arrive no later than the day before. If you need dinner that day, you can order it in the booking.


We reserve the right to change days for each activity depending on the weather and other factors. If there is an activity that someone in your party does not want to do, he or she can choose to do something else that day or follow along and see the activity if it suits them. Then the guest himself bears additional costs in connection with it.

We will pick you up at the campsite in the morning 08.00. We drive out to Dödlarsberget which is located in Älvsbyn municipality. See the map here. It takes about 1 hour to get there.

This is, to say the least, a magnificent mountain that offers fantastic views, fine quality of climbing that suits everything from complete beginners to more experienced climbers. Everyone will have a reasonably large challenge here. You will climb different trails on top ropes. You will also get to celebrate down from the mountain - a lot of fun! Up by the barbecue area we enjoy lunch over an open fire with the incredible view of the Pite river and the forest.

We eat dinner together at the campsite. We are back at the campsite between 17.00-18.00. In the evening you can choose to book the newly renovated wood-fired sauna down by the river.

We will pick you up at the campsite in the morning 09.00. We drive to Kalixälven where we will paddle in the rapids. See the map here. It takes about 1 hour to get there.

You will be able to paddle in rapids that are in grades 2-4, it depends on the water level. You will be equipped with a life jacket, helmet, wetsuits and wet shoes. Then you will experience the best adventure on the Kalix River!

After a safety review and an instruction on how to do it, you embark on a four-hour rapids along the beautiful and dramatic rapids in Kamlungeforsarna. We make a stop at the river bank for lunch. Depending on the water situation, you will ride in different craft, from 2 man inflatable canoes to 9 man inflatable rafts.

When you are done, the transfer goes back to the campsite and you enjoy dinner there and talk about the cool adventure. We are expected to be back between 17.00 - 18.00. In the evening you can choose to book the newly renovated wood-fired sauna down by the river.

We will pick you up at the campsite in the morning 10.00. We drive you to Luleå center, about 10 minutes drive. We have the kayaks in the southern harbor and depart from there. After a safety review and an instruction on how the kayaks work, we practice a little first in the harbor. Then the paddle excursion begins out in the Luleå archipelago.

With its 1312 islands, the Luleå archipelago is a very beautiful and varied archipelago. Kayaking in the Luleå archipelago is a fantastic way to feel the proximity to the water, nature and tranquility. The archipelago offers many attractions with, for example, its bird life, its fantastic islands with barbecue areas, cottages and saunas. But also the large icebreakers located in the harbor.

We enjoy our lunch in a nice place along the tour. We also provide extra energy, water and coffee. We expect to be back at the campsite between 17.00 - 18.00. In the evening you can choose to book the newly renovated wood-fired sauna down by the river.

We will meet you at the campsite in the morning at 10.00. Transfer to Gammelstaden's church village. There we take a look at the bikes and learn how they work. Fatbike is a special bike that gives us the opportunity to ride on snow and sand with a good feeling. It also works well in the forest. The fat bike tour takes place from Gammelstaden's church village, where you first get a guided tour of our fine world heritage on the bikes and then cycle on to Gammelstadsviken, a nature reserve that also offers beautiful nature with rich bird life. There are fine forest paths that meander through the nature reserve.

At suitable places we take breaks for coffee and at a suitable place we take a stop for lunch, which we have in the backpack. We are expected to be back around 15.00 this day.

In the afternoon you have free time to spend wherever you want. For example, you can go to Luleå center to shop and see the nice port city. Or just take it easy around the camping area. Dinner on this day is up to you.

You can choose which day you want to travel from Luleå. Either you do it on activity day 4 and then sometime after 17.00 from Luleå Airport. Or you stay over until the next day and travel home then. It can be nice to take it easy and have the afternoon off on activity day 4 and travel home the next day. If you want to stay longer or continue your journey in Norrbotten or the rest of Sweden, it is of course also fine. You decide for yourself!

Tips på kläder och övrigt ni behöver för aktiviteterna:

  • Två underställströjor i syntet eller ull
  • En regnjacka eller skaljack
  • Regnbyxa eller skalbyxa
  • Mössa eller någon annan varm huvudbonad
  • Tunna fingerhandskar som passar för cykling och kajaking
  • Badkläder
  • Skor: Både ett par vanliga outdoor skor(kan vara låga skor) och ett par sandaler/våtskor eller foppatofflor
  • Övriga kläder(T-shirts, byxor, shorts, underkläder, varm tröja m.m.) Det är individuellt.
  • Vattenflaska 0,75-1L, solglasögon, ev keps, solskyddsmedel, kamera(Vattentätt skal till kamera och telefon vid behov)