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Long-distance skates

Long-distance skates 3-hour day trip with coffee.

Long-distance skates on the ice around central Luleå.

Experience the magical feeling as you glide across the ice at high speed. Halfway through the trip we take a break to eat something and maybe a little ice fishing depending on the chosen trip.

Season: January 1 - March 31

SEK 1095/person

Optional lunch: SEK 200 per person

Group size:

At least two.


3 hours or according to your wishes.

Suggestions for food:

Crepes with salmon, cheese, mushrooms, crème fraiche and yellow onions. Served with hot drink.
Price: 200 SEK per person

Wok with chicken, rice, vegetables and with sweet and sour sauce. Served with hot drink.
Price: 200 SEK per person

Souvas: Smoked reindeer meat, chanterelles, yellow onions, cream with mashed potatoes. Served with hot drink.
Price: 300 SEK per person

We recommend that you bring:

Warm clothing.

Warm gloves, hat and shoes.


The tour includes:


Coffee or lunch over Muurikka and ice fishing depending on the chosen trip.

Necessary equipment and introduction with instructions.

Please note:

The weather conditions in Luleå are beyond our control and should a trip be canceled due to bad weather conditions, we offer our customers a supplementary trip the following day.

Reservation is necessary.

Warm clothes are available for rent.

Long-distance skates

Some winters we can go on the ice in the archipelago already from November. It is the best experience you can have with long-distance skating. Traveling outside on large areas on the ice in the Luleå archipelago gives you a feeling of freedom and open landscape.

The guide has a good view of the quality of the ice and only takes you out to places that are completely safe to go to.

Long-distance skating in the Luleå archipelago is definitely something to recommend! Contact us to find out if it is possible or check out our daily departures.

Our lunches have been very much appreciated. Then we take with us our frying pan, “Muurikka” and cook the food over an open fire. We make the fire together and you can help with both firing and cooking if you want.