Combat Archery Tag - Team game in Luleå

Combat archery tag

Archery tag, Combat archery, Archery attack

Combat archery tag

You could say that it’s like a dodgeball with bows. A perfect activity in Luleå for bachelorette parties or bachelor parties!

1 hour

SEK 375/person

1 h, less than 14 pers. 14 and more SEK 325 / pp. NOTE: Minimum fee 3750: -

1.5 hours

SEK 400/person

1.5 hours, less than 14 pers. 14 and more 350: - / pp. NOTE: Minimum fee 4000: -

2 hours

SEK 425/person

2 h 425: - / pp less than 14 pers. 14 and more SEK 375 / pp. NOTE: Minimum fee 4250: -

If you do not see scheduled times, still let us know which date you want, so we can usually solve it. Thanks!

Other information:

If you are less than 10 people, you divide the minimum amount by the number of participants you attend at the event. Ex: if you come 8 people and have booked 1.5 hours, the cost will be 500: – / pp (4000/8 = 500)

When booking an indoor hall, a rent of SEK 500 will be added in total. We mostly play outdoors in the summer.


The event is organized in Luleå and the surrounding area. Available all year round. The activity can be carried out indoors or outdoors. Both weekdays and weekends.

Number of participants:

Minimum payment for 10 people, no maximum limit.

We recommend that you bring:

Camera. Suitable sportswear depending on whether you are outside or inside. Water bottle.

How to play Combat archery tag?

We drive both indoors and outdoors. Indoors in gymnasiums / sports halls around Norrbotten. We will fix the hall or come out to you with all the equipment if it suits you better. Book well in advance as we will be full with Combat Archery, at least on the weekends.

When all players are standing with one foot on the starting line, the round is started by the referee blowing the whistle. Then the players can rush forward and pick up as many arrows as they can.

Note: You must always have a bow in your hand! You must not use the bow to collect several arrows. If there is a battle for an arrow, the one who has the foam rubber part gets the arrow.

The first minutes each team plays on their respective half of the field. If you cross the center line, you go out. After a few minutes, the referee blows the whistle again, provided that there are players left in both teams, then you have to play on the opponents' half of the field. CAT is always played inside the course marking. Players who run outside are counted as hit.

Note: You must cross the center line to pick up arrows on the opponents' side, or off the field. You can be hit when you do.

If you are hit, you stand on the side of the field. The wives are their own team's extra life. You must never shoot at the cones / extra lives from a closer distance than the center line. If a teammate hits a cone, the player who first went out can come in and play again. Another way to bring in a teammate is to catch the lyre on the opposing team's arrow. The extra lives are unlimited, so the knocked out can overturn those that teammates have already overturned.

Note: The lyre must be caught in the hand to be counted, so it does not apply if you pinch an arrow that hits you in the side so that you can lock it with your arm. You are then met.

Your whole body counts as a hitting surface, including a helmet and the hand you hold the bow in. The arrows are "deadly" as long as they are in motion. It is therefore important to watch out for arrows that bounce in the ground or against the bunkers as they pose a threat as long as they have speed with them. It is the foam rubber part of the arrow that is "lethal".

Note: The arrow must be shot from the bow to count as a hit. An arrow is not "lethal" if it is thrown or hit against an opponent.

The winner is the team that first shoots the opposing team. It is a clear advantage to have as many as possible left in the game, then you increase your chances of being able to shoot out the opponents. Put a lot of energy into getting knocked out players as quickly as possible. An average match takes about 5 minutes.

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