Bubble ball Luleå, Piteå, Boden and Norrbotten

Bubble football

Bubble football

Try Bubble football today!

Bubble ball, bubble soccer, zorb ball, Loopy ball, Bumper ball, Body zorbing, zorboll, Bumperz can also be called and is a fantastic fun variant of football but with full body contact.

1 h

SEK 375/person

1 h, less than 14 pers. 14 and more SEK 325 / pp. NOTE: Minimum fee 3750: -

1,5 h

SEK 400/person

1.5 hours, less than 14 pers. 14 and more 350: - / pp. NOTE: Minimum fee 4000: -

2 h

SEK 425/person

2 h 425: - / pp less than 14 pers. 14 and more SEK 375 / pp. NOTE: Minimum fee 4250: -

If you do not see scheduled times, still let us know which date you want, so we can usually solve it. Thanks!

Other information:

If you are less than 10 people, you divide the minimum amount by the number of participants you attend at the event. Ex: if you come 8 people and have booked 1.5 hours, the cost will be 500: – / pp (4000/8 = 500)

When booking an indoor hall, a rent of SEK 500 will be added in total. We mostly play outdoors in the summer.


The event is organized in Luleå and the surrounding area. Available all year round. The activity can be carried out indoors or outdoors. Both weekdays and weekends.

Number of participants:

Minimum payment for 10 people, no maximum limit.

We recommend that you bring:

Camera. Suitable sportswear depending on whether you are outside or inside. Water bottle

How to play Bubble football?

Before the match starts, you place yourself in a large inflated bubble that covers your upper body. It is this bubble that adds the extra and with this you can both distribute and receive tackles. The bubble can easily withstand the best tackle or the hardest bounce.

You can play bubble football both indoors and outdoors. Most lawns work well for any outdoor use.

This is a heart-pounding game! All play is at your own risk and we are not responsible for any damage.

We arrange this event in Luleå based on request. All year round, outdoors or indoors. If you are outside Luleå and want to play, it is also fine, just send an inquiry.

Want to see how to play?